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5 Tips to Surviving Valentine’s Day with food allergies


Surviving Valentine’s Day With Food Allergies

It’s Valentine’s Day,  the day that is filled with cupid arrows, chocolate, roses and lots of love.  However, there is one issue that you, your sweetheart, or your child have to deal with everytime the pink and red heart holiday comes around.  FOOD ALLERGIES! For some of us, this holiday is filled with chocolate and candy and some of us focus on the meaning of the holiday, Love. Here are some tips to help make your Valentine feel loved without feeling left out but stays safer!

Tips for a safe Valentines Day

  1. Non-food ‘Treats’: From Valentine’s Day themed paper crafts to easy free printables and coloring pages or even more complex crafts.  There can always be activities to help celebrate the day.  Remember to always read labels of craft supplies to check for exposure to allergens

2.  Give a Little Nudge:  If your child has food allergies, this holiday is an excellent opportunity to remind them about the importance of reading ingredient labels and that all candy should be approved by a parent of guardian before eating.  Tell them how to politely say “no thank you” when offered Valentine’s Day treats that haven’t been approved by a parent or guardian. And remember it is important to teach your child that if there is no ingredient label, the product should be avoided completely.

3.  Buying Treats and Planning Ahead: Many candy manufacturers may change their packaging for Valentine’s Day.  Make sure you READ the LABELS Before buying anything, make sure you read the label.  Even read it more then once so you make sure you don’t miss anything. Call the manufacture if you have any questions on what the ingredients are in their product.

4.  In The Classroom: Ask your child’s teacher what their plans are for Valentine’s Day. If goodies are on the menu.  It might be a good idea to give the teacher ideas to making every child feel included to ensure the day is a special one for everyone. Maybe recommend a non-food Valentines Day project so the teacher can have other options

5.  Don’t forget the biggest one, LOVE: Valentine’s Day can be a day to bring extra creative, thoughtful ways to the table to  show love for others. Even include the small children to participate and teach them while they are young the importance of love, kindness and acceptance. Do a project that involves a “secret cupid” to do acts of kindness to other family members or students and let them guess who was their “secret cupid is at the end of the day.  Cook a Valentine meal together and set the table with a Valentine theme. There are endless possibilities to show Love on Valentine’s Day that does not involve food. These are just a small bit of the love that can be shown even on every day of the year.

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