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How many times have you looked at a recipe that looks so yummy and want to make the yummy goodness, however the recipe calls for buttermilk or sweetened condensed milk? My thought used to be "oh crap now I have to find something else"

I went so long going through recipes that called for these ingredients that I had no idea how to make allergy friendly. Over the last 10 years of dealing with food allergies and EOE, I would simply just try and find a recipe that didn't call for ingredients that were dairy or wheat. It becomes so frustrating and outright depressing. I have wanted to try so many foods that I thought my picky kids would actually eat.

I finally learned that there is many ways to convert dairy products such as buttermilk, sweetened condensed milk, or evaporated milk into dairy free. I can actually make what I want with these substitutes that aren't hard to make. The best thing about that is, I actually keep all the ingredients in my fridge or pantry anyway. That makes life easier.

I keep this paper on my fridge so I can easily refer to it. I also added substitutes for gluten, yogurt, egg, light and heavy cream. It also includes an easy recipe for gluten free flour blend. Hopefully this will help make your life easier as well. Please print this and enjoy making the recipes you want with these substitutes.


This conversion chart is also included in my NEW cookbook "Allergy Free for the EOE: Extraordinary Cooking for the Intense Diet." Check out the PDF version now. Ebook on Kindle coming Soon!!



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