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Product Overview

It takes a lot for me to try or have my husband try any fat/weight loss program, especially if it “promises” 1-2 pound loss in 72 hours without exercise, without restrictive diets, without tasteless food or without dangerous prescriptions.  With my degree in Nutrition, I am very picky about what stuff is out there.

Before I started reading the reason this doctor came up with this “2 minute ritual” to lose weight in 72 hours, of course I thought “yea right”  As I read the reason he came up with this was to save his family members lives, my immediate thought went to my Type 1 diabetic husband who is close to 50 pounds overweight.  Even though he has type 1 diabetes, his body tends to be resistant to the insulin that his insulin pump gives him every 5 minutes. This is a common characteristic of type 2 diabetes, but it can also be a genetic issue.  


My biggest fear is to lose my best friend, my husband to a deathly heart attack (which runs in his family).  Even though his weight bothers me so much, I do not give him too much crap on how he physically looks. I express my concern for his health often.  It is common for a lot of men and women to carry their extra weight around their waist. This can be dangerous. I have so much anxiety some days when  I look at him. I feel helpless. I feel like I should be able to help him fix this because of my nutrition degree. I constantly have to remind myself that I can not fix him or “make” him lose weight.  It has to be his choice. All I can do is express support, love and concern for him and his health. This can be so frustrating.

Bump in the Road

The worst thing about trying to lose weight for him is that he has so many food allergies.  He has allergies to fresh fruits and veggies, grains, dairy, soy...the list goes on. Most weight loss programs have a specific diet that involves eating a balanced diet of fruit, veggies, higher protein and lower carbohydrate.  This creates a problem for him. How is this program different from any of the others he has tried (which hasn’t been that many)? My thoughts went straight to the diet portion that I knew would be in the ebook. I have learned to substitute the grains he is allergic to for healthy other grains like amaranth and quinoa.  However getting him to eat this way is difficult. Details

I told him about this program and how it states that it is not super restrictive on diet and it can help prevent or “reverse” diabetes.  Part of this, I am assuming might be the insulin resistant part that happens with type 2 diabetes.

He agreed to give it a shot after reading the information.  Again, I am not a huge fan of ads that say unrealistic things like “losing 1-2 pounds in 72 hours”  However, everyone is different and responds differently to changes to eating habits and activity level.  Even if it doesn’t live up to that “losing 1-2 pounds in 72 hours” which is probably water, then at least we will learn new techniques for him to become healthier and avoid the heart attack that I am so desperately afraid of.  We purchased this Ebook tonight. I will write an updated review as we see the results happen.



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