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10 AWESOME Gifts for Kids and Parents with Food Allergies

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Allergy Accessory Case

A lot of kids have an epi-pen auto injector, asthma inhalers, and allergy medications that they need to keep with them at all times.  What better way to do that then with these cool accessory cases (Amazon epi-pen case). They come in all styles that make it easy to carry with you.

Allergy-Related Kid Books

Allergy related children’s books are a great gift.  It helps teach the kids about their own allergies and that they are not the only kids that have food allergies. In the story, “Aidan the Wonder Kid who could not be stopped”  is about a superhero named Aidan with very special powers indeed. With his dog Rocco at his side, there's nothing he can't do. But something is making Aidan sick, and when Aidan gets sick, he is very, very droopy and just doesn’t feel well. His grownups try and  figure out what's stealing his superpowers and how he can find his boundless energy once again. The book brings awareness to food allergies as well as helping the child understand that “their grownups” are always by their side to figure out how to make them better.

Kid Cookbooks

Sometimes it helps kids to cope with changes that food allergies bring on by involving them in an activity such as cooking allergy related food that they would want to try.  This gives them a sense of control of their condition especially if they like to cook. In the cookbook “ I am Happy Being Gluten Free” is written by a kid. What better way to help your child get started in the kitchen and to relate to someone else with food allergies.  This book along with a kids apron makes a great gift.

Fashionable Allergy Alert Jewelry

Stylish pendants, bracelets, charm bracelets  and necklaces are both cool and functional to even the tween in your home. You can conduct an Internet search for “fashionable medic alert jewelry”  to find items that may fit your child or loved one’s personal style. Amazon is good first stop to find medical alert jewelry for preschool kids, elementary kids and even tweens.

Fashionable Apparel for Kids


There are humorous shirts that kids would enjoy laughing at as well as wearing.  There are allergy awareness shirts for both kids, parents (especially moms). Some of my favorite shirts for kids are:

  1. Stupidity
  2. Flexible..
  3. Mornings..
  4. Funny Food Allergies..
  5. I am a warrior
  6. Boy Warrior

My favorite shirts and accessories for parents are:

  1. Supermom
  2. Not for the WEAK
  3. Bumper Sticker


If you are one of those parents that feels passionate about raising awareness about food allergies along with making your child feel important and special, then there are many talented people online that make Food Allergy Awareness Apparel.  Yes, this includes hats of all kinds.

Gift Box Baskets of Snacks

Holiday Sale- $25 Free Box + $10 Off  w/ 6 or 12 m CODE:JOLLY10

Kids always like getting snacks of cookies, chips and candy for gifts, right?  You can get creative and make your own Gift basket full of allergy-friendly snacks and treats or you can buy one already made off Amazon and Snack Nation.  

Allergy Friendly Toys

Toys can be tricky. Even though a toy would seem to be safe for a child with food allergies, many toys are made with nuts, soy or milk in the materials; simply touching the toy could be dangerous for the food-allergic child.  This toy might be comforting to a little girl with food allergies.  The American Doll has play food focused on Allergy Free food.



This makes a good gift for kids that have to keep food journals...and even better why not add funny food stickers to help.

A helpful gift for any parents with a child with food allergies is the  AllerMates Restaurant Medical Alert Kids Allergy Notepad for Dietary Requirements


Finding food containers that are safe for your kids with food allergies can be time consuming.  Food Allergy Branded lunch bags and snack bags make carry their special food fun.


A lot of kids that have food allergies also have eczema.  These ITCH RELIEF PAJAMAS are perfect for those kids with itchy eczema



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